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A renewable Project empowering the waste to gold, as such cultivating the Agro-waste which’s burnt without taking the benefits. A very efficient fuel can be generated from the agro waste which’s having efficiency equivalent to black coal

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From Waste Into Gold (White Coal)

White coal making Machine works on the Binder less technology which binds the Agro waste into the Cylindrical shaped Bio coal with help of Ram Punching Terminology. Uses agro waste to convert into efficient fuel “The White coal”.

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What Is White Coal?

White coal are non conventional source of energy, which contribute in reducing the global warming effect.Conserving Nature by reusing the agro waste into Bio-Coal "The White coal" Eco-Friendly Fuel with commencement of Better Tomorrow.

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White Coal Project In India

An Renown Player since 27 year in the field of White coal Plant Project and providing our part in the field of Renewable Energy. Extreme structure with Customary design, Delivers Cost effective finished products by processing with lowest production cost per MT.

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Some Facts About Us

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JK has held the fort in Renewable Sector. We are contributing from 2 decades by our latest technology embedded White coal making Machinery which converts the Agricultural waste into the Eco-friendly fuel called “The White coal”. Quality is the nucleus of all the operation at JK for the belief that only by maintaining the highest level of quality one can excel in the Industry and grab the success. We are having varying range of white coal project, Bio coal Machine which's compatible for all entrepreneurs.

White Coal Project

Now an Green Era has began in the world as the minerals are in the stage of extinguish. A white coal Project popular for its profitable consumer benefits. Bio coal Project is empowering with economical, sustainable growth in the Global Renewable Sector. The Government support is the jewel in the crown, in the briquetting machine Bio coal Machine project. As triumph has been achieved with the tax benefits and also subsidies allocated.

Our Services

“Quality Services” is the main centre of attention in our organization as a group of qualified & long experienced engineers under taking specialized Machine Design and Training to the Customer. Total Economical Solution for the entire White-coal Plant Project is delivered to make project compatible according to the Client requirements. Warranty After Service is the most Power Full Factor provided to our valuable Customers.

worldwide our client Of JK White Coal Project.

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And Here We Go

we are small,but professional team

Project Dept. of Machine Supplier

Project Department.

Project Director

White Coal Project Management is the process & activity of planning, organizing,motivating, with ctrl resources, procedures & protocols to achieve specific goals in scientific or daily problems. On time Product Delivery is scheduled on a daily basis.

QC dept. of Bio coal Machine Exporter

Quality Control.

Production Manager

The QC Dept. at White Coal Project has many tasks, with quality of the plant project. Review all production records for accuracy & entirety before delivering.Most Mfg. White-coal Machinery produce tons of Bio(White) coal daily.Ensuring ever growing quality assurance globally.

Bio coal Machine Manufacturer

Sales Department.

Marketing Manager

Since the vital purpose of the white coal Machine making company is that of sales,its is rightly recognized as one of the major dept. The marketing dept. has overall responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market share, contribute towards company’s growth.

Project Supplier

Technical Support.

Senior Planer

The main objective of the briquetting machine, White coal Plant Project after sales team is to provide after-sales services adapted to each customer's specific needs. This department supplies spare parts and integrates technological consulting as well as technical maintenance.

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White Coal Project - Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Help Line:+91-98253-25361 Email. info@jaykhodiyar.com

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